chargebacks in retail environments

Chargebacks In Retail Environments

Chargebacks In Retail Environments Chargebacks are bad, plain and simple…no matter what type of business you operate. Normal refunds are a snap compared to having a card issuing bank dispute transactions on behalf of a customer. These are always a battle and can waste precious time and money....

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I Hate Paypal

I Hate Paypal “I hate Paypal.” These are words that we have read a million times or personally heard out of the mouths of many current clients. In fact, we hate Paypal too. Why do we hate Paypal so much? Check out what they’re doing...

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travel merchant accounts

Introducing - Same great company. Same great processing. We are proud to announce the launch of our newest website contains extensive information regarding both domestic and international high risk processing and the industry types that we can support. If you have any questions in regards to what industry...

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