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What Is An ISO?

The acronym ISO stands for independent sales organization. The merchant processing industry defines an ISO as a person or organization that is not a Visa or MasterCard member bank, but who has bank card relationships.

Depending on the information source, an ISO may be referred to as an MSP, which stands for member service provider. Both are one in the same.

This type of partnership can involve the following: acquiring or issuing functions, acquiring new customers, providing terminal purchases or leases, customer service, acquiring cardholders, and other various tasks. Join us today! 

What Is An Agent?

An ISO can sign up sales agents to help with the acquisition of new merchants. Agents are not required to be registered with Visa or Master Card, but rather the ISO is responsible for handling the process. The registration fees to become an agent are minimal, usually set at $50 per year or at a relatively similar price.

There is only one caveat to becoming a sales agent: Sales agents cannot introduce themselves as independent services providers, ie with their own business name. They have to introduce themselves as representatives of their sponsoring ISO. Start working with Choice today! 

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Why Become An Agent For Choice?

As a leader in the industry, Choice has the bank relationships and experience to get merchants approved. Our leverage means that you can offer clients better hardware, better rates and more service types. We have a competitive compensation structure for all agents.

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